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As a fix things I will make comments about why it doesn't seem to work.

the right border of the Quest Log panel is missing
the overall parent container is too small - upper panel is blowing out of
background on right.
These 2 are sort of related. The whole panel is the correct size. However, the background size is too small, and the width of the middle parts of the background are overlapping the right side parts. Try the following:

<Element ID="BaseBox_BG" X="0" Y="15" Width="776" Height="731">
        <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_BottomMid" X="36" Y="695" Width="704" Height="36" />
        <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_BottomRight" X="740" Y="695" Width="36" Height="36" />
        <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_MidRight" X="740" Y="36" Width="36" Height="659" />
        <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_Background" X="36" Y="36" Width="704" Height="659" />
        <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_TopRight" X="740" Y="0" Width="36" Height="36" />
        <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_TopLeft" X="0" Y="0" Width="36" Height="36" />
        <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_TopMid" X="36" Y="0" Width="704" Height="36" />
        <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_MidLeft" X="0" Y="36" Width="36" Height="659" />
        <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_BottomLeft" X="0" Y="695" Width="36" Height="36" />
also change the Quest_Journal_Page element to: (fix width and height)

<Element ID="Quest_Journal_Page" X="-1"   Y="26"   Width="776" Height="718"> <!-- Original:  -->

the buttons (cancel, add to tracker, etc) at the bottom are missing
The Y values are too high, forcing them off the bottom of the panel. Try changing the Y value of the 5 buttons to about 685:

       <Element ID="QuestHistoryButton" X="404" Y="685" Width="128" Height="20">
          <Element ID="TextButtonReference_Left" X="0" Y="0" Width="20" Height="20" />
          <Element ID="TextButtonReference_Mid" X="20" Y="0" Width="87" Height="20" />
          <Element ID="TextButtonReference_Right" X="107" Y="0" Width="20" Height="20" />

the right side (quest details) portion is too narrow (single, small fellowship, fellowship image being cropped)
A few of the elements need to be modified to make this wider properly. These 2 lines:

        <Element ID="SelectedQuestDisplay" X="344" Y="82" Width="414" Height="582" />
        <Element ID="SelectedQuestDisplay_SB" X="758" Y="82" Width="10" Height="582">

<Element ID="QuestDisplay_BG" X="341" Y="79" Width="426" Height="586">
          <Element ID="Box_01_Background" X="1" Y="1" Width="424" Height="584" />
          <Element ID="Box_01_InnerShadow" X="1" Y="1" Width="424" Height="584">
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_TopLeft" X="0" Y="0" Width="9" Height="9" />
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_MidLeft" X="0" Y="9" Width="9" Height="566" />
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_BottomLeft" X="0" Y="575" Width="9" Height="9" />
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_BottomMid" X="9" Y="575" Width="406" Height="9" />
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_BottomRight" X="415" Y="575" Width="9" Height="9" />
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_MidRight" X="415" Y="9" Width="9" Height="575" />
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_TopRight" X="415" Y="0" Width="9" Height="9" />
            <Element ID="InnerShadow_TopMid" X="9" Y="0" Width="406" Height="9" />
          <Element ID="Box_01_LeftBorder" X="0" Y="0" Width="1" Height="586" />
          <Element ID="Box_01_BottomBorder" X="0" Y="585" Width="426" Height="1" />
          <Element ID="Box_01_RightBorder" X="425" Y="0" Width="1" Height="586" />
          <Element ID="Box_01_TopBorder" X="0" Y="0" Width="426" Height="1" />

the quest list vs quest details are not aligned (couple pixels difference)
The Y values for the backgrounds of the 2 elements do not match. They should both be Y="79". I have made the correct changes above.

the scrollbar is missing bottom 'endcap' element - this might be a missing UI ID from Turbine as I cannot recall altering this.
Ok, this appears to be an issue with the 'widget' element. From what I can tell, including these sections in the skin definition will cause the scrollbar to look like that. So for the time being, remove the entire 'widget' elements and children. That should fix the problem. So your scrollbar section will look like: (do it for both scrollbars)

<Element ID="SelectedQuestDisplay_SB" X="758" Y="82" Width="10" Height="582">
          <Element ID="scroll_bottom_field" X="0" Y="572" Width="10" Height="10" />
          <Element ID="UpButton" X="0" Y="572" Width="10" Height="10" />
          <Element ID="DownButton" X="0" Y="0" Width="10" Height="10" />
          <Element ID="scroll_top_field" X="0" Y="0" Width="10" Height="10" />
          <Element ID="scroll_middle_field" X="0" Y="10" Width="10" Height="562" />
          <Element ID="scroll_middle_field" X="0" Y="10" Width="10" Height="562" />

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