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Lua and skinning are two different system. Skinning doesn't use the asset IDs used in Lua. Your best bet is to try many of the other currently updated skins, such as the JRR skins that have been updated and see if any of them work for you. If you find one that works, then look at that skin's XML definition file and try to identify which tag refers to the element(s) you are trying to replace.

Technically, Lua and skinning do have a slight overlap in that when Lua uses an asset ID to load an image, if a skin is loaded that overrides that asset, the client will return the skin asset instead of the built-in asset. That lets Lua plugins work smoothly with skins. However, the point is that the asset ID used by Lua is not the reference used by the skin definition file. The OP needs the skinning reference not the Lua reference.

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