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Question Could someone please give me a pointer?

First off, let me say this site is wonderful! I haven't seen anything else like it (nor such a good resource) in my wanderings, and the theme is beautiful.
I came to ask a question because I have looked around everywhere else and haven't found a straight answer. I think I may have found some info to help me here, but I'd prefer not to dig through all the assets.

I'm short-sighted, and have slight double vision at close range. Partially due to this, LotRO's UI badly hurts my eyes and ends up giving me a violent headache after a decent few hours of play.
This is due to the colour scheme. Harsh black and blue, with white, yellow and red text. I actually can't read red text on dark backgrounds unless I squint (even with my glasses).

So I want to reskin the UI. No other changes, I just want to change the colour of the black background for all windows* (I assume this is a universal texture), perhaps the blue title bars to match, and maybe the various text.
Could someone tell me which files correspond to those parts?

I know the text is probably a hex code, but it's my understanding that the black and blue backgrounds are images? Do I need to change anything else?
E.g can I just make the UI folder inside LotRO, plunk my skin's folder in there with just the image files, and it's good to go? No coding needed?

I'd say thank you in advance, but then I'd just end up thanking everyone two or three times.

*such as the windows for storage, bags (though the bags are fine to me), quest dialogue windows, character panel, and the like.
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