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Lua: Quickslot bar sets

Hi there, I'm kind of new to this because the beta test server in Europe just went up on Monday.

I was kind of wondering if what I thought of coding is at all possible...

I'm kind of annoyed having all skills in the quickslots (not a custom quickslot bar, the originals from Turbine) all the time. For example if I'm playing a Rune-keeper as a healer in a raid I don't need all the dmg skills in my quickslots or at least in different positions than were I skilled on damage or playing solo.

I sort of came across that idea while I was playing Aion a couple of month ago. There you have several quickslot sets in which you can arrange your skill icons differently and simply switch by deciding whether set 1 or 2 or 9 should be active.

Now I would like to have some function in game which allows me to save and load different quickslot sets.

I.e. my plugin is called skillsets

/plugins load skillsets
/skillsets save anyname --> will save the current arrangement of skills to anyname
/skillsets load anyname --> will load the anyname arrangement and replace the current one
/skillsets list --> will list all saved skillsets available for the current character

So far so good. Although I had a look at all the plugins available and none of them seems to modify any of the original Turbine quicklots.
I also had a look at the "what's possible thread" and had the impression that custom plugins can't modify or access the original quickslot bars "yet".

Now my question. Is my suspicion correct? Would what I've thought of only be possible completely based on custom quickslot bars and to be working with the original ones I'd have to wait until it is implemented into the APIs?
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