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Originally Posted by macskay
I'm currently trying to stitch together a small gathering tool for farming and therefore want to invoke "/loc" or better yet ";loc" from a LUA function.
You can't do that. The best you can do is create a Quickslot with an Alias-type Shortcut in it, and tell the user to click it. The alias would have the "/loc" command in it. For an example of this method, check out Waypoint by lunarwtr.

Or if you prefer ";loc", then the alias can have your own user-defined chat command, with the ";loc" as an argument. This method has the advantage of not spamming the chat window. It's the method I use in my Reminders plugin, although there is probably a simpler example somewhere.

Is it possible to send any chat message to any Channel (preferably a UserChat Channel)?
Nope, just Standard.

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