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I am not trying for any quest history, just a log of what currently happens and is available in the chat log about quests and deeds so I can parse it later and update my spreadsheets. I know I have to update the history manually but thought I could use the chat log going forward to record quests and deeds and other information that is written to the chat log.

I have already parsed information from kiki inventory to track task items and festival drops, so I do know how to parse the files via vba in excel ... not that hard to do if you are familiar with vba.


Thank you for replying to my questions but I have more. I've been looking at Garan's Lotro Alerter and can't figure out how it's writing to the log window and I can't even figure out how it is getting my characters name. It is difficult for me to understand the lua code, I wish there were simpler examples I could look at. The code is very efficient but that in itself makes it difficult for me to understand. For me, there is no logical flow from defining a variable to where it is used, displayed, written to a file. I know that is because I do not yet understand how the lua coding works and am trying very hard to understand it but I feel as if I am making little to no progress. If it is possible, could someone please include a few lines of code that shows how to do the following: read the chat log (standard and quest only) and how to write to a file (I have done this but don't know the difference between that and appending to the file nor do I know how to write an array to a file) and append to it.

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