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Originally Posted by Garan
Yep, as I noted in my earlier post, I wasn't sure what the args table contained for EffectRemoved. It turns out it contains the index of the effect being removed. Unfortunately, it is also very buggy. Many times when more than one effect are being removed simultaneously the effect has already been removed from the list before the event fires so the index is useless and there is no way to determine the effect that was removed. I will play with it some more when I find time.
I played with this a while back. Based on my observations, the EffectRemoved event also supplies an Effect argument, but only if you've previously read the effects list (with a effectsObject:Get() loop). You can use that argument to get the name of the effect, although that is by no means a unique identifier. (Lots of different effects have the same names.) It may be good enough for the OP's purposes, though.
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