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Originally Posted by ProgMaster
Thx for reply, BUT

Have you tried it yourself ?
For some reason i can handle TargetChange ONLY on myself, but i can't keep track of TargetChanges events for my fellows.

So im curious - is it just me or all have the same issue ?
Ah, sorry, one minor typo in the example, the line:
for index=1,party:GetMemberCount()-1 do

should be:
for index=1,party:GetMemberCount() do

That's what I get for playing around with too many languages

I notice one oddity with the sample, the events don't seem to fire until after the local client changes target once. After that they fire fine. That seems to be a new bug in the underlying client but I will have to do some more testing when I get time to determine the complete circumstances.

You should also note that GetTarget() will return nil if you are not close enough in the game world to the target. So, if you are separated by a significant distance from another player, the GetTarget() call for that player will return nil even though they have a target.

EDIT: It turns out the oddity of the event not firing initially seems to just be an issue with my secondary test box being an extremely old PC.

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