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Originally Posted by Olenn
I read a forum post that it is not possible to change the mouse pointer. Now, I am no dev, but I saw MouseGestures and it can track mouse coordinants. Couldn't you just create a graphic of what you want the mouse to look like and have it stay on top of the acctual pointer by setting its location to the mouse coordinant's location. As long as the graphic covered the real mouse pointer, wouldn't that work?

Just trying to think outside the box here...the person that had requested this addon had a disability so he was trying to make the mouse pointer bigger. Thought someone on lotrointerface.com would like to try to help him out.
I live for thinking outside the box

...sadly however, in this case, there's nothing but failure.

Yes, the Lua API can track mouse position, but it appears that there's little or no hardware acceleration involving elements/graphics. What that means, is while Lua can give you the mouse position at that exact moment, it can't render the element/graphic fast enough to keep up with the speed of a moving mouse.

In laymans terms, any time you attach a window/control to a mouse pointer - the faster you move the mouse, the more that element lags behind. Even moving the mouse at a relatively slow speed, will see quite a few pixels in terms of margin of error, and moving it at a normal rate will see differences of 100 pixels or more.

Right now, the closest you can get to solving the "small pointer" issue, is to attach such a pointer graphic to the mouse position, and only have it appear when the mouse pointer is idle. Definitely not an ideal solution, but even that might make things easier. After all, 99% of the time you "lose" the mouse pointer is from the time you start moving the pointer until your eyes recognize it. Starting off by being able to recognize the cursor, should drastically reduce the chance of losing it.

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