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Domedian Minimalist UI

So I began asking for a UI Request:


But I just hate to ask someone to do the work for me, knowing that I could eventually figure things out...

I've been able to figure things out using a bit of code from Ray UI 2.2, thanks again Ray!

Problem:The only problem now, is I can;t figure out how to get the xp bar to work correctly. It is still tracking xp, but using the normal size increments, in a smaller bar.

I believe this is the needed bit of Code:

<PanelFile ID="toolbar">
    	<Element ID="ToolbarField" 					X="0"    Y="&SCREENHEIGHT;" Width="&SCREENWIDTH;" Height="211" Detach="1">

      	<Element ID="ToolbarFieldMain" 					X="1450"    Y="11"  Width="420" Height="200" />  			
	<Element ID="LevelMeter" 					X="1450"  Y="187" Width="420" Height="20">					
        	<Element ID="LevelMeter_LevelUpXP_TutorialHighlight"    X="0"    Y="0"   Width="420" Height="20" />
        	<Element ID="LevelMeter_Experience_TutorialHighlight"   X="0"    Y="0"   Width="420" Height="20" />		
       		<Element ID="LevelMeterText" 				X="0"    Y="0"   Width="420" Height="20" />
        	<Element ID="LevelMeterFill" 				X="0"    Y="0"   Width="420" Height="20" />
       		<Element ID="LevelMeter_BonusMeter" 			X="0"    Y="0"   Width="420" Height="20" />
		<Element ID="LevelMeterBg" 				X="0"    Y="0"   Width="420" Height="20" />
		<Element ID="LevelMeter_Overlay" 			X="0"    Y="0"   Width="420" Height="20" />
Current Screenshot:

Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated,

Edit: 1. code and thanks
2. screenshot

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