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Saying thank you and goodbye to LOTRO and Lotrointerface


some of you might know me as maintainer of a few iterations of the Travel Window Plugin. I also was a member of the LOTRO Council a few years ago (you too? hi! I do not even remember if I went by Hyos or Kyareth in there).

As life goes on, I have stopped playing LOTRO actively when Minas Tirith was released, and altogether with the launch of Mordor, but tried to keep the plugin alive. That went okay until I started a new more challenging job this spring, and the time I can now devote to LOTRO and the plugin went to zero.

So I just would like to say thanks to the community here and on LOTRO, it was a pleasure working on the plugin many people used (based on numer of downloads at least :-) and interacting with users and other plugin developers.

A big shoutout to Garan who researched plugin development in detail and whose writeups of that were extremly valuable, Thaliruth who is picking up maintenance of the plugin* and the people who helped create the plugin over the years.

I hope those of you who still play and develop plugins get to do and enjoy that for years to come. I might lurk here from time to time, but would rather not promise any future contributions.

With that:

Boe i 'waen - na lū e-govaned vīn!

* new version of TravelWindow here: https://www.lotrointerface.com/downl...velWindow.html
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