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Originally Posted by philtrick2003
I'm searching for a similar Material Spawn tracker, sort of like "Gatherer" for WoW.

Originally, it just tracked where nodes were, marked them on your map/minimap and displayed how many times you had gathered from that node.

Later versions added a graphic indicating the type picked up.

Something similar would be super-awesome for LOTRO -- records the location of the gather on your map and counts the number of times you've mined that spot.
The closest you will get is MoorMap which allows you to annotate a copy of the parchement maps. There is a "Quick Annotation" tool that you can click to add an annotation for your current target at your current location or you can set up a shortcut on a built-in quickslot if you prefer hotkeys. Nodes can be filtered by Tier and type.

There are quite a number of people already using it specifically for tracking node locations. It doesn't count the number of times you've mined a node but if you really, really want to track that info, you can edit the annotation manually to add that.

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