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That pesky EntityControl! May I please get some guidance?

Hi folks,

I'm working on a plugin to help monitor boss debuffs (like frost/fire-lore). I'm basing it off a re-build of the m_vitals plugin, a plugin which I think is pretty awesome. The plugin is intended to create multiple target trackers, with each tracker observing morale/power, corruptions, and specific debuffs.

The issue I'm hitting is that the last EntityControl for tracking targets no longer connects to what should be its target, when my LocalUser changes targets. For example, when I create 4 trackers, the first 3 work correctly, and the 4th does not.

I've tried multiple ways of structuring code (and broken things horribly several times!), based on other plugins and Lua guides, and the problem persists across all of them. I feel like there's a basic concept or syntax that I'm missing.

May I please get some guidance or advice or correction? The code is at

At this time, a good chunk of the code is commented out, with enough left in to demonstrate the issue. Also, I haven't done much programming or scripting in the last few years other than some ugly python scripts, so please be kind

Thanks in advance
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