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Originally Posted by D.H1cks
When I created the new champ plugin yesterday I was going to include a .plugincompendium file with it, but then had one problem. Since it was a new plugin, I did not know what number to use to identify it, so I could not.
You are correct. All new plugins have to be uploaded at least once, then are able to find their ID, download url, etc... I am unsure if lotrointerface lets you create a "download" page w/o a download. Perhaps it stays in a pending review state, but creates the id / url / etc..


This brings up a good point though that I wanted to point out. In recent version of LPC, I've allowed uses to use their own feed for the data. This feed allows you to test out your plugin before it is added to LPC. You can create your own feed by following the instructions on the LPC configuration tab (it essentially uses your favorites list). This relates to the comment above in that if you plugin is new, LPC will auto-magically create a .plugincompendium file for any plugin it installs. Mind you if you have dependencies, you might need to add those by hand, but it can assist in filling all the tags out.
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