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First off, I want to thank you all for the support! I firmly believe that what Palantir is, what it will be, and what it could be, is just as much due to the support and suggestions it's received, as it is due to me actually writing it.

Originally Posted by Zeetocht
Wow! I can't wait! Palantir is already a mainstay in my ui and I can see it's probably gonna stay that way.

I hear ya. I like the debuff bar bein' there but not so much to click on it as a means of alerting me to somthing that needs my attention. I so rarely know where my cursor is that clicking on anything is mostly an excercise in futility so anything that needs a quick response from me is mapped to a key on my keyboard or a button on my mouse.

I think I've seen this mentioned somewhere else but one thing that'd be nice is a 4-bar central HUD with two bars representing player vitals and two bars representing target vitals, sorta like this: (( )) I had a HUD in "another" game like that and it was totally configurable color, spacing and function-wise- I had mine set up so that the left bars were my vitals and the right bars were my target's vitals.

Sounds like good stuff comin'- hats off to ya and thanks
Personally, I'm not much of a "clicker" mostly for the reasons you gave. I typically have 1-5 mapped to my mouse, and with combinations of Ctrl, Alt & Shift, that's usually enough to handle my rotation. For everything else, I use the keybindings.

As far as bar layout goes, that's certainly my long term intention - for users to be able to put their bars in the orientation/side they want them in - provided that Turbine makes that information available. The good news is, that if/when they do add that information to the API, an update that "turns on" those features should only take a couple of seconds to write.

Finally, "custom" bars in terms of displaying arbitrary information is something I'd really like to do - but in order for that to have a point, Turbine would have to go and make the vast majority of data available to the UI. Stuff like rep, xp, deed progression and more, would all have to be available to make the idea of choosing which data to display, have much of a purpose.

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