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Originally Posted by Felgercarb
Thanks for all the work you put into this. It's a huge resource. I'm not a programmer, but I do have a couple of pointers for you though from the user end. Get people interested by filling a current demand. Off the top of my head, I see two things this might be able to do that people want badly. They want to show and compare Legendary Items. If you reconfigured your tags to be able to filter for legendary, then they might begin using it more. Secondly, give them the ability to paste into chat what they filter.
The filter for legendary shouldn't be that difficult. I thought I had one, but I may have called it "Legacy". I'll check when I back in lotro tonight. I have a partial fix introduced in 1.2-beta for the later. You right click on the item row and it lets you link the item to a few different chat channels. The only limitation is that the addon has to explicitly do the linking via a shortcut, so this limits the text & such. Is that what you had in mind?

Originally Posted by wackafoo
I like game info in game. When I was on WoW I had atlus, quest helper, some ore tracker, and the best one of them all. A monster loot tracker! As you fight and mobs drop stuff it would list it. And the next time you hover over the mob, it would list all the items that mob dropped. By far the most useful plugin I had! It had a huge shared database.
That would be a great idea! To accomplish this in the current game though, it would involve the use of log parsing because the addon-beta does not give us access to the dropped item information. If you looted the mob, and event would get triggered as items enter your inventory, so we are 1/2 way there if we took that approach. Now we just need to know the "name" of what it was we are looting, and we could accomplish.

On that note, I was considering making a side project for a "generic" lotro log parser library, so that any addon that wishes to use log data, can subscribe to the generic redirection of information that the log would spit out. It becomes cumbersome and potential security problem for users to install 3rd party applications (like a log parser). But perhaps if it was well known, and accepted,maintained,and reused by several addon authors, perhaps not as bad. Worth thinking about.

Thank you both for your input!
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