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In the absence of an official reply from the admins of this site, I will do my best:

- in which category i should upload ? (i believe RolePlay & Music)

- to work it needs a quick patch on songbook, so that it can write the name of targeted music to file system when a user click on sync button, can i upload a patched version of songbook within the archive ? or do i ask/wait for chiran to do it ?
It would be better to get Chiran to include it, but he apparently hasn't been around for a while, so you may be waiting a long time.

by the way, is it fair if i upload sources with bins ?
this is more like "use it at your own risks, but you can understand what it does if you put some time in it"
I would recommend that you permanently include the source code in the .zip file when you upload it to this site.

The most important thing you're going to need, by far, is a very clear and complete explanation of the steps necessary to install and use your application. There is never going to be very many people who want to do it (I'd say less than 100), and they may not be the most technically savvy people, so you need to make it as easy for them as possible. Good luck.
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