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Question Questions and source file check

Hello there, as i'm new to this site i just wanted to ask some things before uploading.

Here is the thing, i created a tool i named Orchestrator which goal is to allow a single player to self deploy and play an orchestra.
This tool dont use memory tricks, and communicate with the game thanks to LUA api (to retreive which character have instrument equipped) and sending virtual keystrokes to game window (to send /play sync commands), it does NOT directly read/edit in game memory and in no way i designed it to make it easy for player to have an in game advantage for any other thing than playing music as a band.
I also dont plan do put a copyright on it, and will make it open source, it is mostly coded in Java and C++.

More precisely here what it features :
- can launch and log multiples LOTRO clients
- can send /music /play sync /follow /raid invite to running LOTR clients on a single computer
- can send a command in game that launchs a custom plugin to retreive the instrument currently equipped
- can cross data from which instruments are needed for each track of an an .abc file and
who have which instruments equipped in the party to create and send to LOTR clients the right /play sync command
- support french, german and english clients instruments localization

Here what i can do :
for clients launchs :
for music examples :

so, now here my questions :
- in which category i should upload ? (i believe RolePlay & Music)
- to work it needs a quick patch on songbook, so that it can write the name of targeted music to file system when a user click on sync button, can i upload a patched version of songbook within the archive ? or do i ask/wait for chiran to do it ?

Precisely it needs this in \The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins\ChiranBB\SongbookBB\SongbookWindow. lua:1722 :
		Turbine.PluginData.Save(Turbine.DataScope.Character, "FILETOPLAY", Strings["cmd_play"] .. " \"" .. SongDB.Songs[selectedSongIndex].Filepath .. selectedSong .. "\" " , 
			  function( result, message )
			if ( result ) then
				Turbine.Shell.WriteLine( "<rgb=#00FF00>Music to play have been written to file, Ready to Sync !</rgb>");
				Turbine.Shell.WriteLine( "<rgb=#FF0000>Music to play failed to save : " .. message .. "</rgb>" );
- as executables files must be checked before uploading, can i upload sources in this thread as attachements ? or do i send them by private message ? to who ?

Thank you

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