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The first thing I noticed in your code is that you are using SetParent on Window controls.
I see that makes a lot more sense now, i've updated all my code to make sure Window controls stay top level.

The Unload handler does not have to be treated like an event handler in that it is not a shared function (no need for AddCallback).
so you can now assign your Unload handler by referencing your plugin as "plugin".
Thanks this makes a lot more sense to me now and i'm using your example to execute the RemoveCallback functions.

it is better to use a local variable or create it in-line without a variable
Good advice and i'm certainly gonna follow it and think about that more now. I wasn't aware it would take more memory like this and for me it seemed a bit more neat for me this way.

P.S. did you edit this in since when i had less time when i first read your post i did not read this

But now i'm trying to use more Local variables and such i was wondering what is the proper way of using them within a function or something?
for example:
function DirFlip(DirX,DirY,number,player)
	local x = GetCol(number)+DirX;
	local y = GetRow(number)+DirY;	
	while State[GetNum(x,y)] ~= player do
		x = x + DirX;
		y = y + DirY;
In this code i define local variables x and y, but when i update x and y in the while loop does it update the local variables or does it create global x and y variables? I did not put "local" in front of the x and y variables inside the while loop since i would think it would create new local variables only accesable within the while loop.

Originally Posted by Thurallor
But I just do it the obvious way, which makes me think I am misunderstanding the question.
Holy shit, no you didn't misunderstand the question. I guess when i tried this before i must have made a different mistake, maybe some typo or something. I tried it copying your code and it totally works! thanks!

Thank you guys so much! I'm really learning a lot from this.
Next time i ask questions i really should try to make myself more clear and also add more of my own code to show what i tried. It was late at night when i wrote this so i guess looking back my post does seem a bit unclear.
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