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Originally Posted by unclecid
so we start this prior to launching lotro right?

ok...do i have to turn it off when i leave lotro?

or can i leave it on for the next time i run it?
You can start it or stop it whenever. However, if you do activate or de-activate a plugin, just make sure to do a "/plugins refresh" in-game. You can turn Lotro on, log in, switch to the Mod Manager, activate a plugin, switch to Lotro, do "/plugins refresh", load your plugins and away you go...

Originally Posted by unclecid
and will it work across accounts like plugins/abc files do now?
(i have 4 separate lotro clients)
Yes, once you activate a plugin, it is placed in the Lotro/plugins directory. This means that the plugin is available for activation whenever you run Lotro on that computer account - NOTE: The computer account is what you use to log in to your computer, not your Lotro accounts. So you can log out of Lotro, re-log in on a different Lotro account and it will all be there. If you do something like Start -> Log off and choose a different computer account, then you will need to re-add and re-activate the mods (same as the abc files) since the mods are stored in your "My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins" directory.

Originally Posted by unclecid
also if i am already using shady's in game manager...how does this one help me?

This Mod Manager places the plugins in the appropriate directory for your Lotro game to detect. So it will place Shady's in-game manager in the right spot for Lotro to detect. Think of Shady's manager for managing the plugins inside the game, whereas the Lotro Mod Manager is for managing the plugins outside of the game.
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