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Originally Posted by Agollas
Are the item IDs from linked items in chat the same as the item IDs from drag/drop?

Could it be possible to have something set up in the background to log whenever someone links an item and would that be useful to even have a somewhat incomplete list of item IDs?
No need to try capturing random items from chat. You can just use a simple loop to populate an item control and then retrieved the item name and other attributes that are exposed to Lua. There have been a couple of plugins that use this method to create databases of items. The problem is that there is no way to uniquely match those items to the items that the user has equipped. The closest way would be by name but item names are far from unique. That leads to incorrect information and end user complaints when the system thinks you have one item 'X' equipped but you actually have a different item with the same exact name. It winds up being inaccurate and certainly not worth the effort.

EDIT: For an example of an existing item database, see Galuhad's ItemDatabase - https://www.lotrointerface.com/downl...mDatabase.html

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