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Originally Posted by Garan
Short answer: providing the tooltip would require a system so maintenance intensive that no one would likely use it.

Longer, more complicated answer: In order to provide a tooltip, we need an item ID for the item in question. Unfortunately, the only way to get an item ID from an in-game item is to have a user drag and drop the item in question - we can retrieve an item ID from the drag/drop operation. Unfortunately, we can not simply programmatically retrieve all of the item IDs for equipped/inventory items (something we have asked Turbine and now SSG to implement but it doesn't seem likely to happen), instead the user would have to drag and drop every piece of equipment to a Lua control so that we can grab the item ID and store it. Now, theoretically this is possible but that would mean remembering to drag items to a lua control every single time you switch out equipment, that would include rings, bracelets, shields, weapons, etc. It would be a maintenance nightmare. Once the IDs are captured, redisplaying them is trivial, it's just the capturing and keeping up to date that would drive users nuts. I actually toyed with the idea of implementing this for the Equipped Items panel of AltViewer several years ago but after seeing how often I swapped gear I realized it would never be kept up to date and scrapped the idea.
Are the item IDs from linked items in chat the same as the item IDs from drag/drop?

Could it be possible to have something set up in the background to log whenever someone links an item and would that be useful to even have a somewhat incomplete list of item IDs?
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