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I dont know if anyone has yet to find any of the sizes for the tags or not, but heres a link that should give almost everything thats in the UI to be skinned and with sizes i think. Sorry if someone may have already posted this.



On another note, I just dont get how to do this at all. Wish someone could code a simple program for people like me to be able to possibly drag and drop graphics in and help us resize and stuff, sorta like a UI skinner for dummies or something,lol. I just hate that bottom bar in LOTR and that huge icon for auto battle, its useless, wish i could take the bag icons and the icons for options and stuff, and stack em together leaving one side of the screen blank for chat. The minimap and HP charcter bar is to huge for the res 1024x768 and eats up my play screen, wish i could resize or dumb down alot of that stuff to make it sleak and neat.

Anyway big fan of the site and love everybodys work! Possibly Ill learn to do this in time cause Ive been really wanting to use some ideas i have in trying to make some interesting concepts. But Im still not even sure you can chop up parts of the main bottom letterbox bar and move things around like that.

Anyway, hope the link helps, and good luck to everyone!
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