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Originally Posted by marmi
When I try to load this plugin I get this error:
... Online\Plugins\Galphoglas\LotroChannFilter\Main.lu a:71: attempt to index global 'tradcanal' (a nil value)
I think it doesn't load since when I type /lcf show I get Unknown command

How can I fix this?
If an error like that shows up it means it did not load, that's correct.

I wasn't able to reproduce this... but try these things:
  1. Make sure you have Turbine Beta plugins installed
  2. apply the ListBox patch
if that doesnt help you'll have to wait for Galphoglas' response(ill translate if need be :P )

Other than that did you modify the Main.lua file at all?

EDIT: the author made a comment on the plugin page, the last release had an incorrect folder structure that quite possibly caused your error, it should look something like this:
The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins\Galphoglas

the Galphoglas folder should contain a folder "LotroChannFilter" and two files "LotroChannFilter.plugin" and "LotroChannFilter.plugincompendium"

if the Galphoglas folder is missing simply create it and move the mentioned files and folder into it, if you use Plugin Compendium you can probably just update the plugin(I dont use compendium so not sure on that, might need to do it manually)

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