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Originally Posted by Galuhad
Brilliant concept, and definitely handy these days. I was thinking it could also be nice to keep a short log of messages received and maybe filter automatically any recent duplications. I've noticed gold spammers can be very creative with how they advertise, but they'll literally flood the channels. At least if a duplicate is picked up it can be ignored automatically. It could be a toggable option to remove duplicate messages, or have a popup when a duplicate is received asking if the player wants to ignore further messages of the same.
Hi Galuhad, I just did the translation, but what you described is already a feature just not documented other than under the update notes at the bottom :/

It's called the Anti-spam filter in the plugin, basically if it sees the same message more than once in chat it will filter out all the duplicates and only show the first instance.

I have none of the spammers ignored and the messages aren't filtered(you can see in the add to filter text box that the "P" is a special character so it would bypass the present filter) the messages shown in chat are 5 minutes after I saw the last ones, but of course in my unfiltered "trash" tab chat is still being flooded.

sorry for the super late reply...I didn't even think to check this thread or the plugin's page, Ill try to reply to English questions to the best of my abilities.
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