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Originally Posted by Garan
You're welcome. I just wish I didn't have to answer 'no' to so many good ideas Unfortunately, it appears as though there have been no updates to Lua with Helms Deep, not even bug fixes, so I'm not sure the devs that were donating their time for Lua development are even still working for Turbine (some of the skin developers still exist but that is a whole different critter).
EDIT: There are Lua changes, just nothing new, improved or fixed. The only changes were the removal of features that related to certain skills and stances.
They actually broke some things as well... the gambit skillinfo used to allow you to get the gambit builder sequence but now it just returns nil (or just an error, can't remember anymore) and if you do gambit:GetGambitCount() which should return the number of gambit builders in the sequence, it always returns 0. I assume these two bugs are related.
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