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Originally Posted by Garan
As to states, yes, a state machine is the natural implementation of a scripted quest application. Basically the way the built-in quests work or like those old books where you would read a page and then make a choice which tells you which page to go to next (or like the old text adventure games like Zork). While we can expand on the simplistic transitions of a Zork game by having mult-part objectives, optional objectives and even objectives that can be done in any order in parallel, it is still just a state machine, just a slightly more complicated one.
I missed your reply because I was typing mine at the same time and never noticed you had posted until just now.

Yes, I think what you're referring to is "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, which I loved when I was a kid. At the end of the page, the reader would be asked to make a choice, and go to a different page depending on the choice.

That might be a useful way to organize the user interface for a story author. He edits a large collection of "pages", and specifies "page jumps" based on a user's choice, or one of the other triggers we've mentioned above (e.g. killing a mob).
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