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Compendium Assistance

Compendium is still in beta, and a work in progress. Compendium is an in-game database of reference information.

I've used similar addons in wow, like Atlas (for items/loot/crafting), Lightheaded (For quest coordinates / comments). Wow has a lot going for it as its api is matured, and exposes enough to make data gathering easy. LoTRO at this stage is not, so I'm left with either

1) resources available online
2) manual user data submission
3) lotro data files (although I understand this is not allowed)

To flesh out the basic shell of Compendium DB currently, I have gone the route of #1. What I could use help with is ideas for now adding #2.

Manual user data submission has three big things to consider IMO.

1) how to adjust UI of an addon to allow easy annotating of many different data elements, with limited UI screen space, but at same time not complex enough that average user wouldn't bother doing.

2) how to collect data
a) user zip up PluginData subfolder data & email (or upload) on web???
b) external app installation that sits in task tray occasionally sending data

3) is there any way / incentive for users to participate in this?
a) partner with other like minded people? lotro-wiki, zam, .... ?
b) build a community of people that contribute back to community. This is similar to what addon developer are basically doing already. We make free software that others benefit from, but benefit each in our own way.
c) any others ???

The other question I had is what types of information would be useful to LoTRO players? The other idea I had was similar to WoW's Atlas Loot, that showed the loot tables for raid bosses, etc.. I've had someone suggest a deed component as well..

Thank you for your time.
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