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LoTRO Lua noob's wish list

I may be missing things but have searched:
  1. Play simple sounds, short mp3s for alerts (like ring tones)
  2. Dynamically draw graphics w/ fills and gradients
  3. Dynamically set alpha of background (using as overlay w/ blend mode overlay)
  4. Get useful information in event args (at least MoraleChanged has nothing in its payload)
  5. GetFellowship : List<Player>
  6. Get lat/long of players
  7. Get Player quest list (preferably w/ filtering by completed, epic/racial/class, level, dateAcquired, dateCompleted...)
  8. Get vector like target tracker to any player, npc, or monster in scene (for example, to keep track of orientation to healer...)
  9. Send/receive data packet to Player (and if a plugin is running on their system, ability to receive packet). (e.g., share wish list, get inventory (voluntary), share quest list)
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