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Originally Posted by Eili
For my UI, i used that part for that panel

	<!-- Box Silver _:_ window decorations -->
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_bottom" FileName="box_silver\Isil_bottom.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_bottom_left" FileName="box_silver\Isil_bottom_left.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_lower_right" FileName="box_silver\Isil_bottom_right.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_side_left" FileName="box_silver\Isil_side_left.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_side_right" FileName="box_silver\Isil_side_right.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_upper" FileName="box_silver\Isil_upper.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_upper_left" FileName="box_silver\Isil_upper_left.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_upper_right" FileName="box_silver\Isil_upper_right.tga" />
and this is working fine for this panel
I'll give that a shot when I get home. Hopefully it works
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