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Originally Posted by liftedplane
I'm having a serious issue with the quest dialogue corners... I've searched everything and even looked at other skins for the answer and I just CANNOT find it.

here's the art asset ID's I'm using

<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_upper_left" FileName="..\Panels\panelBorderTopLeftCorner.tga" />

<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_upper_left_light" FileName="..\Panels\panelBorderTopLeftCorner.tga" />
as you can see I want to use the same corners regardless... I've checked the files are the correct dimensions. it just won't work. I've gone through the new RoR UI pack looking for answers and I've taken apart EA rohan to see what was diffrent, and so far nothing has jumped out.

as you can see in the attachment I've managed to change the window size adjustment.

if anyone can give me any pointers on how to get this to work as I'm pulling my hair out and tired of the dialogue looking like crap.

also vault and shared storage etc... none of it's working
For my UI, i used that part for that panel

	<!-- Box Silver _:_ window decorations -->
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_bottom" FileName="box_silver\Isil_bottom.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_bottom_left" FileName="box_silver\Isil_bottom_left.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_lower_right" FileName="box_silver\Isil_bottom_right.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_side_left" FileName="box_silver\Isil_side_left.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_side_right" FileName="box_silver\Isil_side_right.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_upper" FileName="box_silver\Isil_upper.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_upper_left" FileName="box_silver\Isil_upper_left.tga" />
	<Mapping ArtAssetID="box_silver_upper_right" FileName="box_silver\Isil_upper_right.tga" />
and this is working fine for this panel
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