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Originally Posted by 4andreas
as far as i know this problem occur because quest log is one of the windows that is not resizable in game. In last update when they added these buttons, they just position them on their place.

However, if you use custom skin, that makes your windows bigger, that will need to be updated to position these further down. For this to happen, you need to know the names of the items you want to change position. I am not aware of SSG releasing these yet, i have asked Cordovan last friday on stream and he said that seems like something they should be able to do.

Holidays coming, so unless some clever people dont figure out the names themselves, we might need to wait for quite some time.

Also it seems they are still doing some changes to the quest log, todays update for example stopped showing quest objectives, also noticed today "show history" button, not sure when that got in. So they might not want to release them before they are not done with it.

Thanks for the help 4andreas.

If anybody sees this and knows how to make the Quest Panel the original size that would be a solution too. I have no idea what I'm doing.

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