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New Entry! Light in the Darkness

Gandalf raced towards Weathertop. He did not know which road Strider had led the hobbits down but the peak of Amon Sl would surely reveal it. With
great haste, he arrived in three days time. From atop the ruins, he could see across the vast lone-lands but there was no sign of the ranger or the hobbits. It was then that he felt the darkness approaching. He turned to find the Nazgl upon him. The wizard brandished his staff and sword and prepared for battle.

Frodo looked to the starry night sky. They had made camp within the Midgewater Marshes where their presence would unlikely be discovered. Merry and Pippin were still asleep and Sam was busy swatting the flies away. He looked to the distance and saw flashes of Light. What is the light? he said to Strider, who had risen, and was standing, gazing ahead into the night. I do not know, Strider answered slowly. Frodo laid down and went to sleep. The last images he saw that night were of the white flashes and the tall dark figure of Strider before him.

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