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File Info for Drop Down and Chat Box Borders

I'm going to annotate the files with XML comments and eventually post the whole file, but here is what I have so far...

Chat Box Edge Files:
box_chat_e.tga <!-- Chat Box Right Side -->
box_chat_n.tga <!-- Chat Box Box Top -->
box_chat_ne.tga <!-- Chat Box Box Upper Right Corner -->
box_chat_nw.tga <!-- Chat Box Box Upper Left Corner -->
box_chat_s.tga <!-- Chat Box Box Bottom -->
box_chat_se.tga <!-- Chat Box Box Lower Right Corner -->
box_chat_sw.tga <!-- Chat Box Box Lower Left Corner -->
box_chat_w.tga"></Mapping> <!-- Chat Box Box Left Side -->

Drop Down Box, Character Sheet Stat Area and Quest Journal Button Area Background edge:
box_ebdark_75_e.tga <!-- Drop Down Box Right Side -->
box_ebdark_75_n.tga <!-- Drop Down Box Top -->
box_ebdark_75_ne.tga <!-- Drop Down Box Upper Right Corner -->
box_ebdark_75_nw.tga <!-- Drop Down Box Upper Left Corner -->
box_ebdark_75_s.tga <!-- Drop Down Box Bottom -->
box_ebdark_75_se.tga <!-- Drop Down Box Lower Left Corner -->
box_ebdark_75_sw.tga <!-- Drop Down Box Lower Right Corner -->
box_ebdark_75_w.tga <!-- Drop Down Box Left Side -->

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