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Originally Posted by Fortunis
Ty for your replies. I noticed the typo and tried SetVisible and IsVisible. Also im aware of the keybind and it is F12 for me, so thats not the issue, and as youve pointed out to me that its nothing to do with a keypress signature, rather the lotro code. It leaves me wondering why it aint working for me :s

I placed a Turbine.Shell.WriteLine command in its structure but got nothing.
And I gather you didn't take the "self.myPlugin" literally. That needs to be replaced by a reference to the actual window being affected.

Did you put the WriteLine inside the If statement or just inside the start of the function definition - if it's just inside the function, you should get responses from any action event, such as showing bags, hitting escape, etc. If you aren't getting that, then you need to check where you are defining the function and be sure you don't already have another .KeyDown function defined elsewhere for that control. Oh and be sure you didn't SetWantsKeyEvents(false) for that control.

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