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Originally Posted by Digital_Utopia
Then I stand corrected. However, it is worth pointing out that in order to create some form of treat meter in LotRO, we'd have to have some way of detecting when a skill was fired. With enough experimentation, some value could be attached to various healing/threat/damage skills, (de)buffs, as well as the amount of healing/damage done. As of now of course, using this formula to create some form of meter, would be impossible - considering there is no way to react to skills being fired - most notably skills that do not do any healing or damage, but just generate threat.
Ummm... no.

For example, take Shield-taunt which is the only guardian skill I can think of that is purely threat (Fray the Edge and Litany of Defiance both have debuffs). In my combat, I get messages like "<name> scored a hit with Shield-taunt on the Foraging Brown-bear." Which makes sense, since there's also miss and resist messages - so you can use it to track frequency of outcomes on your skills. Heck, you can track it against specific target types.

In fact, I think the only way to use a skill and not have to generate some sort of foot print in the combat log is to use a AoE skill with no targets in range. And in that case, you can track the power drop or the morale drop. So... if you've got a skill that has no power cost or morale cost, and it's AoE, and you use it with no targets in range, then yes. There will be absolutely no sign that it was ever used. Of course, it probably has no effect, and I'm not sure there actually are any skills that meet that criteria, but other than that, those skills can be missed.
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