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Usage Instructions: Introduction

I had trouble using this program. Mainly because it's usage assumes a working knowledge of it's predecessor (UIBuilder) that I simply do not have. So I'm going to share what I learn as I attempt to teach myself this application. Hopefully it won't take too long or be too difficult.

But I must admit that I don't really know what I'm doing. Assuming I actually create a skin with this application, it will be a first for me, ever.

However, writing documentation is not something new to me. Not that I have some grand list of credits on my resume. Just that it is not a new endeavor. Despite this, I could really use some help writing these Instructions. While it is not a particularly complicated program, it covers materials, knowledge and skills that I do not have readily available.

So, please... anyone who knows the subject in general, or BuildSkin (or UIBuilder) specifically, chime in with corrections, tips, warnings, etc. Particularly if it is something that I miss or just get wrong.

The only thing I ask is you change your message's Title to something like "Correction: Introduction" or "Tip: The Application Interface" or the equivalent. This allows reader's to follow the Instructions thread without getting lost in any other comments here.

Once new information, tips or corrections are presented, I will either edit the original message or include it in a future message, as deemed appropriate.
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