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Tab Control and Auto Sizing Label

I know as soon as I started coding in Lua last month, the controls and functionality that I really wanted didn't exist. If I missed a post or plugin that already provided these controls, I apologize ahead of time.

In the 1.3-beta of Compendium I implemented both a basic tab control and autosizing label.

Autosizing is for when you want a label that you do not know the width or the height of ahead of time till content is in it (so it does not wrap out of sight). There are limitations with this in minor cases. It also forces you to change coding habits as auto sizing has effects to this controls dependant on the labels position. Autosizing works through the use of scrollbars. If the content is too small you keep increasing it till scrollbar disappears.

I realize autosizing could be done on a broader scale (more than just labels). I'd love to see a list control that could adjust its row height. This was beyond my imediate needs in compendium, so perhaps someone else with more time could carry that baton, or direct me to an addon that has already solved this.

Thank you for your time.
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