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I know that problem to well.

Based on the screen shot,the dressing room seems to be meant for resolution higher then 720 which most likely for 768 height.

This the reason why your character don't show up due the limit height size of the dressing room.

Edit more info:
Ok I downloaded his skin mod and took a look at the dressing room code.

You will need to open the skindefinition file with the notepad and look for the follwoing codes:
<Element ID="GamePlay_DressingRoom_Activatable" X="550" Y="0" Width="719" Height="741">
<Element ID="DressingRoom_AvatarInfoElement" X="0" Y="11" Width="879" Height="728">

change the height to of the first code from Height="741"> to this Height="700">

change the second code from this Height="728"> to this Height="687">

this should make your character appear in your ga rez of 128x720

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