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Originally Posted by Tuckerinna
"Alt Viewer" comes close to what I am looking for, but unless you have the same type of equipment in you Inventory (not Equipped) you cannot see what you have equipped. To see what you have equipped you have to hover your cursor over the item in your unequipped inventory which will show that item and the items you have equipped. Got to be another Add-On that will work without have to carry one extra item in you inventory for each equipment slot.

However, in doing all this research I am learning a lot about this handy APP. TY for your help!!!
The inability to generate a tooltip/popup for the item is a limitation of the Lua API. The tooltip only works for quickslots or item controls that have an item generated by an item ID. Unfortunately, the item object returned from Lua for equipped items doesn't support getting the item ID so there is no way to recreate the actual item, just the image and name. Even with a database of items, there are many items that share the same name so there'd be no way to uniquely identify the item from the name. Item IDs are something we asked Turbine for many years ago and have asked many times since. Sorry It's the same limitation that prevents showing popups for items from other characters in AltInventory, just image, name and quantity (and category, quality and item wear state but those are of no real help here).

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