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Like Daimon, I'm not a LUA author but Turbine's engagement of the UI community in general has been extremely poor. We are a small community but we have a lot of ideas and a desire to create better interfaces to share with other players. Unfortunately without Turbine's support there is very little we can do with these ideas. Browse the forums here and you'll see player request after request for things that aren't possible with the tools Turbine gives the community.

I searched the dev tracker on the official forums going back to the initial release of LUA tools. Here are all the posts I could find related to Lua Scripting (as an indication of Turbine's communication with the UI community). There are additional posts not included in the dev tracker (for whatever reason). For instance see all of Narrel's posts, including the most recent one from 2 Dec 2010.

I did a similar search for the User Interface section on the official forums going back one year:Frosty last posted the Skin Art Pack for V3B2 on lotrointerface back in 18 Nov 2010. We haven't heard anything from Turbine on the UI art since; other than Sapience's posts above saying Frosty no longer works on the UI team and that the new team would "look into" posting an updated art pack.

Turbine has not engaged the UI community significantly within the past 6 months. Turbine's communication drastically decreased shortly after the switch to Free to Play.
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