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Originally Posted by magill
My Rune-keeper has this happen also, however, the particular skill that appears in the auto-skill bar, is already in my quickslot bar, and simply "lights-up" when available as do numerous other skills which require (what was previously) Attunement.
A lot of classes have it, but it's really only worth using if you don't want those skills on your actual bars for some reason. Champs have it for the AOE skill that activates after 10 hits, captains have it for their defeat event skills, guards have it for their block/parry skills, LMs have it for the share power skill that activates after a critical hit of gust of wind... and those are just the ones I know about. But the bar itself is just distracting and takes up space, which is what is annoying about it. And it can't be turned off in the options panels. But with skins you can shrink things, and basically make it seem like it isn't there by making it so small you can't see it anymore. But the PanelFile ID isn't listed in the new pack they just released, but some people have a knack for finding these things by guessing and trial and error. I attempted to find it using some forms of ContextualQuickSlots and AutoSkillBar but none seemed to work, though I'll be honest I didn't try for too long. Hopefully someone comes along with a solution or Turbine releases an option to disable the bar.
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