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Originally Posted by Hyoss
How are you going to use your skills in epic battles if you do not have the auto skill bar? I know of no other way to use traps for example.
The Auto-Skill Bar is different than the Officer/Engineer/Vanguard bars that appear in Epic battles, and those I don't mind so much. The Auto-Skill Bar is the one that appears when you have some class skill you can use due to a buff or event. For example, when captains defeat an enemy, the auto-skill bar appears and shows Rallying Cry and Routing Cry, since they are now upgraded to the defeat event version. I don't need this because I already have those skills on my normal bars, and I monitor defeat events via other plugins and whatnot. It just annoys me because the Auto-Skill bar basically does what plugins have been doing for a while, but does it worse because you can't edit how it works in any way, and you can't even turn it off.

The Officer/Engineer and Auto-Skill bar do use the same art asset for the sides and back (the white leaf like things), and I have already hidden those so that the bars are a bit smaller and take up less room, but it doesn't prevent me from using the Officer/Engineer bars and it unfortunately doesn't hide the Auto-Skill Bar.

It would be nice if you could drag the traps and other epic battle skills off their normal bar and onto regular/plugin quickslots so you could handle them in more personalized ways, but all things considered they aren't as bad.
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