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These features arent supported by the engine =(
I'll just jump in and confirm what Cairenn posted earlier.

Currently (emphasis on "currently") Turbine only allows skinning (image replacement) of the UI.

Full on scripting of UI's ala Auctioneer, Outfitter, or any other WoW mod involves having the game engine and the UI plugin communicate. The Turbine engine is not currently set up to do that - you can't just flip a switch and "hey, look at me scripting UIs!"

It's a significant development task to enable. However, with that being said, it's something that we all want to devote some time to doing. The "skinning" ability was something we needed to see if was even viable as a first step to full scriptability.
This was posted by Frostyhe is the turbine rep for this site i guess

And i would like to see things like Trinity Bars, Hud, God i love Pearl, I completely agree with chat channels, and if we could have chat channels like in EQ2 where ppl created channels for classes that would be available to all servers that would be nice.

Are there multiple Action bars in the game now? if not that will have to be a must because it looks like the current one bar wont be enough and i hate scrolling and looking for what i need.

Oh is there a hot key like Shift+B to open all bags? And All in one inventory would be a nice one to have. Ive grown to love and basically cant function right without it.

But yah i think for this game to function as well as they hope they will have to implement customizable ui's soon because i have seen plenty of ppl walk away from games due to the UI
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