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Rally Circles


The first cab off the rank is Rally Circle information. This is a mapping of landscape areas to the associated rally circles, that is, those stone circles you are sent to when something unfortunate happens, or if you are a cowardly hunter, like me.


This data allows the output of the /loc command to be matched to the associated rally circle. The rally circles are identified by an enum and their minimap coordinate e.g. 10.3S, 45.4W. All the normal landscape is covered. I have no data on interiors. The crucial observation allowing the collection of the data is that the game chooses rally circles based on the player's landblock, that is, the 160m x 160m areas given by the origin coordinates in the /loc output. Overwhelming evidence for this can be gathered empirically. I have never seen an exception.


You tell me - is the data useful to you?

As an example, this data can easily be used to calculate the distance to the nearest rally circle. The distance could be converted to a running or riding time needed to recover from failure. Perhaps a player might use that information in deciding whether to take a risk.


I received a request for this data. It will be uploaded when I get a chance to add the upcoming Northern Mirkwood locations.

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