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Starting first skin

I have begun looking at skins recently, and the more I look at options, the more one takes shape in my head that I don't see anywhere. So I thought I'd make one.

Only....where do I start? I downloaded GIMP and the most recent art pack I could find, so I hope I should be able to make or adapt the graphics I want (would the U6 art pack have all the art stuff, or just the stuff that was changed with U6?).

Where can I find a free XML editor, or something for that portion of the skinning? I have no way to save XMLs that I can find, and no clear, easy way to edit them.

Also, within the art pack I see a txt that shows what looks like locations/sizes of various elements, and an XML that shows all the art assets or whatever they're called. But the skins I've downloaded and looked at somehow combine all of those -- how do you know what to put in where, and how do you figure out which of all these strangely-named things will actually change the look of, say, the toolbar or options panel? If I edit one thing, load the game, load the skin, reload the game to see if that was the right thing -- it will take me years to make a skin, and there are so many out there already that there has got to be a more efficient way.

Does anyone have any tips for a total newbie?


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