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Probelm with code

I have used this code to cut the long vital box in half for quite some time. However I find that whatever UI I put this code in, it will always shrink the image by half each time I move to a new area. Any ideas what is going on?

<!-- ================================================== ================================================= -->
<!-- 3/14/2008 Unit Frames Positioning Tweaks-->
<PanelFile ID="ID_UISkin_AvatarPanel">
<Element ID="Toolbar_Quickslot_Extended_Scaler" X="283" Y="526" Width="460" Height="175">
<Element ID="Toolbar_Quickslot_Extended" X="40" Y="0" Width="420" Height="175"></Element>

<Element ID="AvatarPanel" X="2" Y="2" Width="274" Height="176">
<Element ID="VitalsParent" X="0" Y="20" Width="274" Height="156">
<Element ID="VitalsBg" X="88" Y="42" Width="175" Height="27"></Element>
<Element ID="VitalsField" X="96" Y="34" Width="168" Height="42"></Element>
<Element ID="AvatarPanel_BG" X="-1" Y="1" Width="273" Height="105"></Element>
<Element ID="PlayerPortrait" X="25" Y="25" Width="64" Height="64"></Element>
<Element ID="PlayerVitals_Animations" X="2" Y="0" Width="277" Height="104"></Element>
<Element ID="AvatarPanel_COVER_LOWRES" X="22" Y="21" Width="64" Height="62"></Element>
<Element ID="PlayerLevel_BG" X="21" Y="78" Width="65" Height="32"></Element>
<Element ID="PlayerLeaderIcon" X="74" Y="68" Width="16" Height="16"></Element>
<Element ID="PlayerAssistantIcon" X="74" Y="68" Width="16" Height="16"></Element>
<Element ID="PlayerVoiceChat" X="46" Y="6" Width="20" Height="20"></Element> <!-- x71 to x46, y11 to y6-->
<Element ID="PlayerVoiceChatSquelched" X="46" Y="6" Width="20" Height="20"></Element> <!-- x71 to x46, y11 to y6-->
<Element ID="PlayerSendingData" X="46" Y="6" Width="20" Height="20"></Element> <!-- x71 to x46, y11 to y6-->
<Element ID="PlayerName" X="97" Y="3" Width="176" Height="36"></Element> <!-- x87 to y97-->
<Element ID="PlayerEffectDisplay" X="92" Y="74" Width="169" Height="64"></Element>
<Element ID="PlayerLevel" X="35" Y="83" Width="32" Height="17"></Element> <!-- y84 to y83-->
<Element ID="PlayerPVP_Info" X="-4" Y="-3" Width="34" Height="98">
<Element ID="PlayerPVP_RankDisplay" X="2" Y="70" Width="32" Height="32"></Element> <!-- y0 to y70-->
<Element ID="PlayerPVP_PrestigeDisplay" X="0" Y="20" Width="34" Height="78"></Element>


<PanelFile ID="ID_UISkin_OpponentPanel">
<Element ID="OpponentPanel" X="268" Y="2" Width="284" Height="130">
<Element ID="VitalsParent" X="0" Y="20" Width="284" Height="110">

<Element ID="Opponent_SelectionField" X="7" Y="0" Width="272" Height="120">
<Element ID="OpponentsVitals_BG" X="10" Y="40" Width="176" Height="32"></Element>
<Element ID="OpponentVitalsField" X="10" Y="34" Width="168" Height="42"></Element>
<Element ID="OpponentPanel_BG" X="-1" Y="1" Width="277" Height="104"></Element>
<Element ID="OpponentClass" X="173" Y="72" Width="20" Height="20"></Element> <!-- x179 to x173-->
<Element ID="OpponentPortrait" X="186" Y="21" Width="64" Height="64">
<Element ID="Target_Image" X="0" Y="0" Width="64" Height="64"></Element>
<Element ID="OpponentName" X="-5" Y="3" Width="176" Height="36"></Element> <!-- x5 to x-5 -->
<Element ID="OpponentEffectDisplay" X="9" Y="74" Width="170" Height="44"></Element>
<Element ID="OpponentVitals_Animations" X="-4" Y="-1" Width="277" Height="104"></Element>
<Element ID="OpponentPanel_COVER_LOWRES" X="186" Y="22" Width="64" Height="62"></Element>
<Element ID="OpponentLevel_BG" X="185" Y="78" Width="65" Height="32"></Element>
<Element ID="OpponentLevel" X="200" Y="83" Width="32" Height="17"></Element> <!-- y84 to y83-->
<Element ID="OpponentPVP_RankDisplay" X="242" Y="67" Width="32" Height="32"></Element> <!-- y-3 to y67-->
<Element ID="OpponentPVP_PrestigeDisplay" X="242" Y="17" Width="34" Height="78"></Element>

<Element ID="InanimateObject_SelectionField" X="28" Y="1" Width="228" Height="84">
<Element ID="InanimateObjectPanel_BG" X="7" Y="26" Width="215" Height="51"></Element>
<Element ID="InanimateObjectForeground" X="-2" Y="19" Width="231" Height="66"></Element>
<Element ID="InanimateObjectName" X="11" Y="29" Width="205" Height="47"></Element>

<!-- ================================================== ================================================== ========= -->

I once seen a small fix for this. Someone said to change a player vital number to something. And it was a short term fix that worked! But I can not find the fix on the forum now.
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