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Originally Posted by Zyriel
This is a problem I've had since player music was installed into LOTRO...

In order to play any multipart ABC files with other people, those people need to have those same files. Most of the time, you want to just ad hoc a band together to play something on the spot but can't.

Is there a way to enhance your plugin to allow me to group with random individuals and have them play various tracks that I would assign them without having to download the song to them? If you could do this sir, you would be my hero!

Zyriel of Vilya

P.S. Your plugin is very nice as it stands and enjoy using it In fact, I would love to see a jukebox mode! This would be a mode in which the user can select some or all of their songs to be played sequentially or randomly and looped at the end if desired. Just a thought :P
I would really be a wizard if I could do that :P. And yes, it would be really convenient as you described. But at the moment it is not possible, and the music system itself would need modifications to be able to do that. Related to this, one thing I am planning to add is the ability to paste song information to a chat channel so that coordination is easier between band members.

Sadly a jukebox mode isn't possible either.. The only way to utilize the music system is using chat commands via quickslots. You can't chain commands or make that automatic because allowing that would open a door to botting and automated gameplay.

So, currently the sandbox to play in is pretty small. But I'm of course looking to do whatever I can to improve the plugin!

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