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A request of fellow plugin authors

For the plugin installer / updater application (Lotro Plugin compendium or LPC), there are a few things I could use support from community with. I'm not 100% sold on the "best way", but I do want to bring up the problem, and a solution as it pertains to the application I wrote.

1) Naming of Plugin. The title in the .plugin file is not matching what name is on lotro interface. The problem with this comes when a user has manually installed a bunch of things, and then goes to start using LPC. The application scans the existing plugin folder and tries to reconcile what plugins match up with what plugins on lotro interface. That said, I consider the name LOTRO interface has as the table of record vs the plugin file. I do this because updates and new addons will come from there. (so please don't go and edit the name :P)

2) Version Number. The version #'s lotro interface has, and the version numbers in the .plugin files are all over the place and not matching for a lot of plugins. This causes false positives in whether plugins are prompted to be updated.

3) Zip file contents. 85%+ of you have the zip/rar/7z/etc.. file folder structure consistent with one another. That being of the following format

                        The plugin lua files
I heard some of you describe it on your "info" pages as. If you extract the zip file from within the "Plugins" folder, it should work. This is essentially what I'm doing with LPC.

3) Dependencies. This is a difficult one.. The way that I have tried to solve it is with an additional "file" to be included in the download. This actually solves several problems but will focus on dependencies. I've crawled lotro interface "info" pages for most of the plugins we have, and tried to find which plugins require what dependencies and generated sample files for most plugins. Unlike the ".plugin" files, a download should only contain one of these. Please see the info page for LPC if you need more details on this. I am open to ideas / changes.

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