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Originally Posted by Thurallor
So now I've got
  • Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3 → Feld 1, Feld 2, Feld 3
  • 2 slots → 2 Felder

And I attempted to translate this myself, following examples from you, Elrigh, and Google:
  • Bars and groups are listed below. Left-click to rename. Right-click for options. → Leisten und Gruppen sind unten aufgeführt. Links-Klick umbenennen. Rechts-Klick für Optionen.


I also have a question about capitalization. Is it conventional in German to capitalize the first letter of all menu items and buttons, even when they are not nouns? E.g. zeigen / ausblenden; linke Seite; waagerecht ausrichten.
Capitalization... hum... good question. To answer this one, I searched for some examples at home, e.g. my sound and PC. But all buttons I found were in English and all CAPITALS. Only on my printer there were Buttons with words in German and with capitals on the first letter, although they are no nouns.
  • "Passend auf Seite skalieren"
  • "Normales Papier"
  • "Glänzendes Papier"
  • "Ein"
Mostly it's unusual to write German words on buttons like
  • "PLAY"
  • "STOP"
  • "ON"
  • "OFF"
  • "VOLUME"
  • ...
Until the buttons are something special, so that not everyone knows about the English words on them, this is the point of writing all buttons in German.
I like capitals and correct words, hence I've a problem with myself. So I'd prefer to write all in CAPITALS.
In your case, I won't capitalize the first letters. But don't ask me why!

I don't know, if you know about it, but in German there are no capitals on "deutsch" and "englisch". But verbs can be written as nouns, so then they have capitals, too.

"Das Trinken aus der Flasche geht schneller als mit einem Glas."
"Aus der Flasche trinken geht schneller als mit einem Glas."

It's the same sentence.

I hope, I could help a bit.

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